NFJ volunteers work to motivate and support youth by strengthening character, developing skills, and building relationships that lead to positive behaviors.
NFJ, in connection with the Community Justice Boards, gives youth an opportunity to make better life choices.
NFJ works with members of the community, the youth, and their families to build strong relationships that create a safer environment for everyone.
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Neighbors for Justice, Inc. is a charitable organization that supports the Pima County Attorney's Office's Community Justice Board Program. Neighbors for Justice, Inc. raises and distributes funds to guide and support youth by providing programs, activities, and rewards to Community Justice Board youth participants.

The Community Justice Board Program is an alternative, community-based program for youth ages 8-17 years old. This program uses restorative practices to hold first or second time youth offenders accountable for their legal offenses. It guides youth to make positive life choices, achieve their full potential, and become responsible and productive members of society.